Collaborative Agreement Physician Assistant Illinois

Collaborative Agreement Physician Assistant Illinois

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Collaborative Agreement: What Physicians and Physician Assistants in Illinois Need to Know

As a physician or physician assistant in Illinois, it is important to understand the collaborative agreement requirements outlined by the state. A collaborative agreement is a legal document that outlines the responsibilities and duties of a physician assistant (PA) and a supervising physician. It is a requirement for PAs to practice in the state of Illinois.

What is a Collaborative Agreement?

A collaborative agreement is a written document that outlines the shared responsibilities of a physician and a physician assistant. The agreement includes details on the scope of practice, communication between the physician and PA, and the supervision requirements for the PA.

The agreement must be signed by the physician, the PA, and the collaborating institution. It must also be filed with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).

Requirements for Collaborative Agreements

In Illinois, a PA must have a collaborative agreement with a supervising physician in order to practice. The supervising physician must hold a current and valid Illinois medical license and be available for consultation with the PA at all times.

The agreement must be renewed every two years, or whenever there is a change in the supervising physician or collaborating institution.

In addition to the collaborative agreement, the supervising physician must also provide ongoing supervision and oversight of the PA`s practice. This includes:

– Regularly reviewing the PA`s charts and records

– Providing guidance and feedback on the PA`s clinical decisions

– Ensuring the PA is competent and up-to-date on new medical practices and procedures

– Staying informed on the PA`s activities and outcomes, including patient satisfaction and quality of care

Benefits of Collaborative Agreements

Collaborative agreements benefit both physician assistants and supervising physicians. PAs are able to practice within their scope of practice and provide high-quality care to patients, with the support and guidance of a supervising physician. Collaborative agreements also allow supervising physicians to expand their practice and provide better access to care for patients.

In addition, collaborative agreements can help to address the shortage of healthcare providers in Illinois and other states. Physician assistants can help fill the gap in primary care and other medical specialties, providing much-needed services to underserved communities.


Collaborative agreements are an important requirement for physician assistants in Illinois. PAs must work under the supervision of a licensed physician and have a collaborative agreement in place in order to practice. These agreements outline the shared responsibilities and expectations of both the physician and the PA, and are an important tool for providing high-quality care to patients.

If you are a physician or physician assistant in Illinois, it is important to ensure that you have a current and valid collaborative agreement in place. This document is key to maintaining compliance with state regulations and providing top-notch medical care to your patients.