Novel Wedding Agreement Bab 21-26

Novel Wedding Agreement Bab 21-26

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If you`re a fan of romantic novels, you may have come across a wedding agreement in one of your favorite stories. Novelists often use wedding agreements in their plots to explore the complexities of marriage and relationships. In the popular novel, Wedding Agreement, chapters 21 through 26 delve deeper into the characters` lives and their agreement.

In chapter 21 of the novel, the main characters, Tari and Bian, meet to discuss the progress of their agreement. They both agree that their marriage has improved their lives in many ways, but they are still struggling with their feelings for each other. Tari realizes that she is falling in love with Bian, but she is uncertain whether he feels the same way.

Chapter 22 brings more complications to Tari and Bian`s relationship. Bian`s parents visit them and put pressure on them to have children. Tari is hesitant because she doesn`t want to bring a child into a marriage that is not built on love. This adds another layer of tension to their already complicated situation.

In chapter 23, Tari and Bian have a heartfelt conversation about their feelings. Bian admits that he has feelings for Tari, but he is afraid to act on them because he doesn`t want to ruin their agreement. Tari, on the other hand, is confused about her feelings and doesn`t know what to do.

Chapter 24 takes a surprising turn when Tari finds out that Bian has been secretly helping her father financially. This gesture of kindness touches Tari, and she realizes that Bian truly cares for her.

Chapter 25 brings more obstacles to the couple`s relationship. Bian`s ex-girlfriend returns and tries to win him back. Tari is heartbroken, and her insecurities about their agreement resurface. However, Bian assures Tari that he loves her and that he wants to stay married to her.

Finally, in chapter 26, Tari and Bian renew their wedding agreement. They both acknowledge their feelings for each other and agree that their marriage is built on love and respect. They decide to work through their issues and build a future together.

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In conclusion, chapters 21 through 26 of the novel Wedding Agreement explore the ups and downs of marriage and relationships. Through their struggles, Tari and Bian`s relationship grows stronger and their love for each other becomes apparent. As a professional, it`s important to always keep in mind the relevance of keywords when writing about any topic, including novels.