Questions of Subject Verb Agreement for Class 6

Questions of Subject Verb Agreement for Class 6

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Subject-verb agreement is an essential grammar rule that students in class 6 need to master. It refers to the necessity of ensuring that the subject and verb in a sentence agree in person and number. This means that singular subjects require singular verbs, while plural subjects require plural verbs, and vice versa.

To help class 6 students become proficient in subject-verb agreement, here are some common questions and answers that they may encounter:

1. What is a subject?

A subject is the person, place, thing, or idea that the sentence is about. It is often the noun or pronoun that performs the action or is described in the sentence.

2. What is a verb?

A verb is a word that shows action or a state of being. It is often the word that conveys what the subject is doing or what is happening to the subject.

3. How do I determine the subject and verb in a sentence?

To find the subject and verb in a sentence, ask yourself who or what is doing the action or being described. The subject will often come before the verb in a sentence, although this is not always the case.

4. Do singular subjects require singular verbs?

Yes, singular subjects require singular verbs. For example, “The dog barks” is correct, while “The dog bark” is incorrect.

5. Do plural subjects require plural verbs?

Yes, plural subjects require plural verbs. For example, “The dogs bark” is correct, while “The dogs barks” is incorrect.

6. What happens when the subject and verb are separated by words in between?

The subject and verb must still agree, regardless of any words in between them. For example, “The cat, along with the dogs, runs in the park” is correct, while “The cat, along with the dogs, run in the park” is incorrect.

7. How do I ensure subject-verb agreement in irregular verbs?

Irregular verbs, such as “to be” or “to have,” have their own unique forms that must be memorized. For example, “She is tired” is correct, while “She am tired” is incorrect.

By being knowledgeable about subject-verb agreement, class 6 students can craft grammatically correct sentences and communicate more effectively in both spoken and written language. Encourage them to practice their skills through exercises and examples to help them master this aspect of grammar.